Mika A.

Easy blog post translation with Yarakuzen

February 03, 2016

I am running a bilingual blog and I have recently discover Yarakuzen. This is an innovative tool for text translation and they offer a free plan for personnal use. They also have premium plans for an extensive use. This app is not like other translation tool but offers the ability to adjust translation as I want and save them. The more I translate my content, the more it become accurate and customized for my taste. So to use it on my wordpress blog, I had to create an account here and generate and API key. I also downloaded the Yarakuzen wordpress plugin than is perfectly integrated to Wordpress. The plugin will ask for a public and a private key I get from my Yarakuzen account : YarakuZen ‹ Mika A. — WordPress Now, when I start a new post, I see a new box from the Yarakuzen plugin, it allows me to send my post content to Yarakuzen for translation. Ajouter un nouvel article ‹ Mika A. — WordPress This is how I use it :

  • I create my first post in any language (say english) and save it
  • I create another post for translation and paste content from source post
  • I send translation to Yarakuzen through the box and when ready
  • I click the “Retrieve translation” button from the Yarakuzen box

retrieve This will replace my content with the translated text and it will also keep medias so I don’t need to add them again in the translation. This is a service that is really helpful for me and I will use really often. You can learn more about Yarakuzen and their plans and services in yarakuzen.com

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